Many of us have furry friends that share our home. Not all floors are built the same, when it comes to durability against their day-to-day activities. Nails can leave scratches, while shedding and accidents can yield regular cleaning. We understand, and wanted to provide some advice and options for the best pet-friendly flooring options.


Tile flooring is water-resistant, stain resistant, and one of the easier surfaces to clean. It can be customized in a number of designs and colors to match your décor and style. Whether your pets bring on mud, accidents, or drool, tile is an option that can withstand your pets and looks incredible.

Luxury Vinyl

Whether you choose luxury vinyl planks (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl is a great option for homeowners with pets. It is a more budget-minded surface, that provides great durability. Most luxury vinyl is water-resistant, with many options even being waterproof. It is built to withstand scratching and tearing, and very easy to clean.

Engineered Hardwood

Traditional hardwood is not recommended for pets. However…engineered hardwood can give you the wood you want, while accommodating your furry friends. Many engineered hardwoods have a scratch resistant finish, that is built to withstand scratches and scuffs. These floors provide an attractive option that many homeowners love, works well with pets, and helps you to retain resale value in your flooring.

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