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Top 7 Benefits of New Carpet in Your Home

Carpet is a versatile, stylish option for flooring in your home. However, it can provide even more benefits that you may not have considered. We have compiled a list of the Top 7 Benefits of New Carpet in Your Home. Take a look, and discover some benefits that might surprise you.

1) Increases Your Home’s Value

New carpet not only makes your home more visually attractive to potential buyers, it increases the overall value of your home. Most home buyers are not looking to incur new and immediate expenses after purchasing a home. New flooring, such as carpet, gives them peace of mind regarding their new investment.

2) Improves Air Quality

Even though old carpet can often be out of sight and out of mind, it can become a home to dirt, bacteria, allergens, and even mold. This can be a major factor for any family members with asthma or allergies. Replacing your carpet can remove these unwanted particles from your home and improve your overall air quality.

3) Eliminates Odors

Whether you have pets, or just worn, aged carpet, odors can develop over time. Replacing your old carpet can remove these unwanted scents, so that you can be welcomed home to a clean, fresh smell.

4) Reduces Noise

Maybe you are replacing or covering a hard surface with carpet. Carpet helps to absorb the sounds of a noisy home, both between rooms and between levels. Adding thick carpet padding can also help to build an even stronger noise barrier.

5) A Green and Sustainable Choice

Older carpet that is no longer needed can be recycled after the end of its use. It can be reused to create a number of everyday items, such as automotive parts and roofing shingles. It is a sustainable choice that you can feel good about.

6) Provides a Safe Environment

Safety is an important factor for both young and old. Carpet can be a great alternative to other surfaces, when it comes to avoiding slips and falls. It is an ideal option that creates traction and provides a softer landing surface.

7) Stylish and Comfortable

A new style or color of carpet can transform the look and feel of your home. The soft, flexible, cushion feel can also add an element of warmth and comfort to your family’s home. Let your personality flourish in the design elements that make your home uniquely you.

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