With spring comes a time to come out of “hibernation” and into warmer weather and a happy home. This often includes spring cleaning in and around your home. We wanted to provide some tips for cleaning your floors as part of your spring cleaning regimen.


Most families use spring as a great time to have their carpets professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning service, like America’s Best Carpet and Tile, uses state of the art equipment to clean and restore your carpet to all of its glory.


Sweeping and vacuuming tile flooring can help to collect dirt, dust, and other particles on the floor. However, some people don’t know that tile can also be professionally cleaned to restore its vibrant color. America’s Best Carpet and Tile can professionally clean hard surfaces, such as tile, in order to bring the color back to your tile and grout. It is a cost-effective way to make your tile flooring look new again.


Vinyl floors can be easily cleaned by mopping. Make sure to use manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products when mopping. This simple step can give life to your vinyl and bring back its shine.


Sweeping and vacuuming can be one of the best and easiest steps in addressing debris on your hardwood floors. You will want to ensure that you follow manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning products that are appropriate for your floors. This will help to avoid any damage to your hardwood during the cleaning process.


Laminate flooring can be easily cleaned with a vacuum and a dust mop. Its resilience often allows for simple care to bring it back to a renewed finish.

On some occasions, you may find that your floors are worn or damaged. This could mean that it is time to replace your flooring with something fresh and new for your home. If so, America’s Best Carpet and Tile is here to help. We provide numerous flooring options to meet your need. Call us today at 901-726-3000 or visit us at www.flooringmemphis.com to schedule your free consultation and free estimate.