As the final installment of our “Signs That You May Need to Replace” series, we bring you signs that you may need to replace the carpet in your home or business.

Carpet can be an investment, with low grade carpet lasting 5 years or less, medium grade lasting 5 to 15 years, and high grade lasting 15 to 25 years on average. This is certainly impacted by care, maintenance, and other environmental conditions.


Stains are unfortunate and accidental.  However, stains can often become the only noticeable part of your carpet. Whether it is food, mud, or something left behind by your pets, stains are never something we hope for. Without professional cleaning or replacement, stains can also become worse over time.

Rips and Tears

If your carpet begins tearing, ripping, or fraying, it can begin to be a telltale sign that your carpet is at the end of its life. Small tears are likely to become bigger tears as weight and traffic cross the impacted area.


Smells and odors can take hold deep into carpet and trigger the need for replacement. Unwelcome smells can be off-putting and embarrassing when someone enters your home.


You may have purchased a home or facility with lower quality carpet, and you would prefer to upgrade to something with a higher quality and style. Whether your budget allows for something better, or its time to decorate your home to your personal style, new upgraded carpet can make your house feel more like your home.

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