Since our last post “Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Hardwood Flooring” was so popular, we decided to share the same take on another flooring option….tile.

With appropriate care and maintenance, tile flooring can a very long life. It is not uncommon for some ceramic tile to last over 75 years, with some natural stone lasting over 100 years. They are also a more friendly situation for repair, as you can replace a single tile if it is still made by the manufacturer.


Several things can cause a tile to crack. A sharp, direct blow by a dense object or a heavy direct load can cause unanticipated cracks and fractures to your tile. Fortunately, if only a small number of tiles are impacts, you may be able to replace just those impacted tiles.


Depending on the installation, and the affected joints and adhesives, tiles can tent. “Tenting” occurs when tiles lift from their original position, push against one another, and form a bump that looks like a tent. This unfortunate occurrence is usually a symptom of something incorrectly done during installation. If this happens, a repair is necessary to the impacted area.

Loose Tile

Tiles will occasionally come loose. This can happen due to the grout or adhesive, or in some cases can be a structural problem. Loose tiles can be very unsafe and should be replaced as soon as possible.  If you find that multiple tiles are loose, you should have a professional check your foundation.

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